Friday, December 30, 2011

Is it smart to make use of custom made slipcovers on furniture?

Furniture slipcovers together with pillow covers provide protection to furniture from stains, dust and dirt. Animal hairs on a sofa do not show any difficulties each time a particular person makes use of a slipcover since the slipcover, offered it is comprised of a washable fabric, is readily washed. A new sofa deserves a custom-made slipcover because custom covers fit the couch in accordance with exact sizes.

Slipcovers also come in several patterns

An old sofa would not usually need new, even though it is quite cheap. Neither does an old chair need new. Cheap slipcovers can be found in several colors, materials and designs. The truth is, several slipcovers appear more attractive than the actual pieces of furniture. One awesome feature regarding a slipcover is the fact that it can significantly change the form of a sofa, loveseat, recliner or ottoman. You'll be able to develop a new house decoration by just acquiring some matching slipcovers.

A qualified professional can measure furnishings for the buyer

Certain corporations give competent service people to your home in an effort to appraise the various furniture pieces. This signifies that the unique slipcovers fit as wonderfully as they can and never seem as if they are common slipcovers purchased in ordinary shopping centers. Accentuate your figure on personalized covers is extremely snug. In reality, their styles make them match similarly to cosy pairs of gloves, leaving no slack in any sectors of the furnishings. If it's unattainable to have a high quality measure the furniture pieces that require custom-made covers, the other best thing is to take measurements of them at your house. It is crucial that the measurements will not waver in any way from reality considering that the smallest error makes a slipcover sag on a single end, lack length on the next end or lack the right width, therefore causing the slipcover to look poor to a less pricey, typical cover bought in a department store.

Choose materials carefully before a purchase

Light-weight slipcover components helps make a room appear much cooler during the summer months, whereas larger items helps make a room look drier in the wintertime. The heaviness of the material makes a huge difference in terms a room looks to guest visitors. Leather or man-made leather slipcovers help to make sofas have their own brand new designs. The most important thing to consider concerning fabric, however, is that quite a few are washable, while some are certainly not washable. A person who really wants to wash their slipcover whenever it builds up dirt, pet hairs or dampness has to have a look at the brand prior to making a purchase to ensure it is washable. However, if someone likes to own a modern leather slipcover, the slipcover may receive a quality washing at any kind of competent dry cleaning establishment.

Slipcovers give household furniture extra protection

The good thing home-owners can do to secure their pieces of furniture is to let them have personalized slipcovers. Household furniture is expensive, however protecting home furniture so that they last several years does not cost you a great deal of money. In fact, wise folks who earn little investments in specially designed furniture slipcovers and pillow covers save funds in the end. Purchasing Slip Covers Encinitas which are customized helps make perfect sense in an imperfect world for the reason that added benefits far outweigh the expenses. The practicality of offering added protection to home furniture, combined with fun and enjoyment of dressing up home furniture in numerous kinds of slipcovers, make slipcovers as near needs in any house. The excitement of remodeling older couches into furnishings that are new, and at parts of the expense of brand-new household furniture, makes slip covers which are personalized the best approaches to affordable, ingenious and artistic means of designing any room in a house.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green / Updated patios for San Diegeans

Here in San Diego, with our perfect year around weather is an example of a remodeled outdoor patio. Updates can be done for less than $1,000, but it isn’t unusual for clients to spend anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 to remodel a patio. Popular features include fire pits, summer kitchens, artwork, wiring for television and audio systems, and details such as antique beams and retractable screens and custom designed curtains for area separations.

We positioned the patio right off the master bedroom. Placing the updated patio here serves equally well as the place for pre-dinner drinks with guests or a more private area to relax on a Sunday morning with coffee and the newspaper.

San Diego has been at the forefront of the action to save energy and use more energy efficient ideas and designs. Clients continue to request green design ideas and when possible use locally sourced materials, help to reduce waste, use recycled products and use renewable energy.
Designing Green, will put you well on your way to revamping your house or condo in a way that can help save you money and help you create a living space that will be the envy of all those who see. The right design idea will showcase not only your home, but also your personality!

Working with San Diego manufactures in Interior / Exterior Design

In 2009 money is tight, but people still want to make changes to their homes. Here in San Diego I have found several local partners that have given my clients great value and flexibility. The best part is that they are local and manufacture right here in San Diego.

Though the years of designing for clients in San Diego, I have many talented local vendors I work with, from custom cabinet fabricators, upholstery, drapery treatments, pillows, bedding, flooring, fine furniture and accessories, rugs, carpets, etc. These vendors are affordable, great at their trade and we work together to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products.

There are new indoor/outdoor fabrics from
Kravet for porches and lawn furniture. Fabric can be very affordable and is in stock. Whimsical patterns with florals are part of the spring and summer palette, as people re-cover outdoor furniture, spruce up old furniture or accent with pillows. While major changes might not be in the budget, changing curtains or making a pillow in a fresh new pattern, may be all you need to create an elegant new look and feel for your home.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beyon Words Design Philosophy

Your home is your sanctuary, where you nurture and express your soul, and it should speak to your true essence. Inspired by your dreams and your practical considerations, I provide fresh, sustainable and socially-responsible design concepts that heighten your spirit, and improve the quality of your daily existence.

Beyond Words Design creates residential and commercial environments -- with an emphasis on functional beauty, simplicity and comfort. Our unexpected interiors provide an elegant showcase for your treasured possessions, blending old and new furnishings that delight the eye and evoke the multiple dimensions of your journey.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, casually sophisticated, or eclectic, Beyond Words Design provides a seamless visual tone for you and your family, one that reflects your authenticity as individual spirits.

Call today for a complimentary design consultation.